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The Metropolitan Jerusalem Master Plan

The Metropolitan Jerusalem Master Plan





Israel is a Jewish State, which protects the

democratic rights of the minorities living

within its boundaries. Decision making with an

understanding of demographics and sovereignty

will be required to ensure a Jewish majority in

the State of Israel and in Jerusalem, its capital.

The plan is based on analysis of the current

state of affairs in Jerusalem – the formation

of a bi-national metropolis, spread out over

the city and its surrounding environs and

defining the economic region. Today, within

the municipal region of Jerusalem there is

a mixed population of Jews and non-Jewish

minorities at the ratio of 65:35. This is a very

low ratio for the capital city of the Jewish

people and the State of Israel as a Jewish

state. In past Israeli government policy

documents, theoretical ratios of 75:25 or

80:20 were stipulated.

The proposed plan wishes to bring about

a situation wherein at least the current

minimal ratio of Jewish to minority

population – 65:35 – is preserved, with

the majority of the population added to

metropolitan Jerusalem over the coming

decades coming from the metropolitan

ring, neighborhoods, and areas outside the

municipal city limits of Jerusalem.




The Jerusalem 5800 Plan deals with long-term planning for

Metropolitan Jerusalem according to these fundamental principles:

The State of Israel is the heart of

the Jewish people, and Jerusalem

is the heart of the State of Israel,

the Jewish people in Israel, and the

Jewish people in the diaspora.

Growth of the Jewish population

in Israel over the coming

decades will be supported by the

country attracting Jews in the

diaspora to immigrate to Israel

as a choice and not out of a

desperate need.

The proposed plan was formed based

on an analysis and understanding of

fundamental progression, with the goal

of constructing a process that will shape

the future and increase the chances for

prosperity of the State of Israel and the

Jewish people.

The vision