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The Metropolitan Jerusalem Master Plan

The Metropolitan Jerusalem Master Plan


Ministry of Tourism

June 5, 2016

28th Iyar 5776

Dear Readers,

I hope you enjoy reading this review of the anticipated and exciting

plans for future of Israel’s capital city, Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is a sui generis. Its picturesque natural scenery houses

ancient sites, holy to three religions. It is a city that connects past

and future, a city where historic and modern sit side-by-side. It is a

city that carries with it an important age-old legacy – but also has

a vibrant and vital present. To a great extent, the reflection of all of

Israel can be seen in Jerusalem: green views from the west and desert

landscapes from the east, a rich history merging with technological

progress, and a diversity of population which opens a window into so

many fascinating cultures. Our capital is a magnet for tourism to Israel,

and the government of Israel sees tourism to Jerusalem as a source of

economic development for the city. We see great importance in the city

as a central, important, and meaningful tourist destination.

I invite you to discover what the future holds for Jerusalem, to marvel

at the ingenuity, and to allow the myriad ideas in this book to leave

their impression on you – innovations in transportation, sustainability,

infrastructure, construction, and of course – tourism.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to come to Jerusalem,

visit and tour the city, and enjoy the great unique experience it has to

offer, each and every one of you.

Yariv Levin

Minister of Tourism

Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage

June 5, 2016

28th Iyar 5776

"Jerusalem is built as a closely compacted together city (heve lah

yachdav)" (Ps. 122) – [the Sages said it is] a city that unites all of Israel

in friendship.” (J.T. Hagiga)

The Jerusalem 5800 Plan is a long-term master plan for the year

2050, which outlines a vision for the realization of Jerusalem’s timeless

potential as a cosmopolitan center for culture and tourism. The plan not

only connects the capital city’s past to its present and future, but also

organically integrates Jerusalem with the greenery and lush forests

that surround it.

The planning for the future development of Israel is of paramount

importance and this is specifically true concerning Jerusalem. This

plan advances possibilities for a comprehensive future program for

Israel’s capital.

The approach of the plan is both unique and revolutionary because it

does not focus solely on the localized needs of the city in a vacuum.

Rather, it takes a broader perspective, places emphasis on the wider

Jerusalem region and promotes Jerusalem as a metropolitan center

for its suburban neighbors including Beit Shemesh, Mevaseret Zion,

Maaleh Adumim, Gush Etzion, and others.

This initiative is most welcome and imperative for the future of

“Metropolitan Jerusalem.” I am deeply hopeful that conversations will

continue to move forward amongst members of the Israeli Government

regarding these plans and future of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

May you have the greatest of success!

Ze'ev Elkin

Minister for Jerusalem and Legacy Affairs