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The Metropolitan Jerusalem Master Plan

The Metropolitan Jerusalem Master Plan


Jerusalem is rich with its diverse

neighborhoods, traffic routes, little

streets and special buildings that have

yet to be identified and taken advantage

of. Preservation isn’t necessarily

development’s enemy, and there needs to

be mutual recognition of the contribution

each makes to the other. It is important to

emphasize that the city outside the walls

has great potential to attract, but beyond

providing services, this potential will

not be realized without developing focal

points of interest with integral, historically

significant culture and architecture. The

development potential of such areas in

Jerusalem is great. Today, it is easy to

identify sites whose potential has not been

realized, and all too frequently, sites that

have been damaged due to short-term


It is important to remember that there

can be no preservation without initiative

– public or private – and there can be

no urban preservation without people

living in, and making use of, the space. In

Jerusalem, more than in any other place

– because of its history, its rich legacy of

buildings, its current role, and the desire to

make it an international center of culture

and tourism – it is appropriate to empower

and give momentum to the physical and

cultural legacy of the city in its entirety,

along with its historical and spiritual legacy,

for the good of the city, its population,

and the economy. □

There can be no preservation

without initiatives – public or

private – and there can be no

urban preservation without

the people living in the area

making use of the space



The Bikkur Holim Hospital


The Rockefeller Museum


Terra Sancta College


The old Knesset building


The Etz Haim neighborhood

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photography: Koby Harati

photography: DiggerDina

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photography: DMY

Photography: PubrnCoralyn

Jerusalem Rebuilt

The preservation

and development of

old sites in the city’s

first neighborhoods

would create an

expanse for urban

spaces and regional

centers for tourism

and commerce


Jerusalem Rebuilt